Navigating on AR

Coming soon for download on major app marketplaces


Users can get to know their city including historical, educational sites, and entertainment, as well as upcoming events around them.

A better experience

Travelling around the city and reaching the most important events will be more fun, interactive, informative and efficient.


Registering places and events is easy from the platform. Add or modify the information that users will see in augmented reality.

Understand the users

User activity will be recorded on the platform for statistical purposes. Get to know your users’ preferences. Don't miss a thing!


Discover much more

Fun for users

A new navigation experience in Augmented Reality never seen before. Encourage exploration throughout the city in a more interactive and efficient way.

Easy to manage

Set up and management is simple and easy to do. Just enter the platform and start adding or editing content.

Keep in touch

Engage with your users. Inform them about updates, promotions, events, or news through notifications that will arrive directly to their phone.

Identify visitors

Recognize what places or events your visitors like the most. Get to know the users and their behavior inside the app.

What are you waiting for ?

Try our Android Demo and invite your friends. iOS coming soon!